Designed an advertisement for the Ideal Protein weight management program launching at Pharmasave Westview.
It’ll be displayed as an 8.5 x 11 poster at the pharmacy and also published in the Northshore News.

Below is the original idea (designed and proposed by the client).
Her vision was an upbeat, motivational poster evoking feelings of freedom. Her target demographic is women with ages ranging from 30-60:

OriginalShe wasn’t committed to any particular image or colour scheme. This meant the design could go in unlimited directions, which gave me a some momentary “blank canvas” paralysis. I decided to start from scratch and strip the entire design to the bare essentials.

I reworded some phrases to minimize redundancy, confusion and clutter. I also added a catchphrase “Your Last Diet Ever” as an attention grabber and summarizer. I replaced the images with simple, modern icons and avoided all colour so we could first focus on the design:

After the first proposal, she expressed that she liked the tidiness of the revamp.  However, she expressed more interest in a motivational photograph instead of the modern icons. She asked to include the Ideal Protein logo in the design and also decided to remove one phone number so readers would be clear on contact details.

After hearing her feedback, I had a stronger impression for her original vision. She wanted something whimsical, feminine and upbeat.

She spoke and I listened as best I could.
And so the story goes…