hi there,
I’m Najin.

I’m a pint-sized Korean-Canadian who was displaced in Brisbane Australia for a few years. Now I reside in Vancouver BC where most of my days are spent juggling an extreme left-brain career as a pharmacist with a right-brain crave for art.
I’m about as ENFP as they come.

I’ve illustrated with some model of Wacom for 15 years & have dabbled with design for just as long. These days, the Cintiq Companion and Surface Pro 4 are my closest pals & weapons of choice.

I like fusing illustration with graphics and have done so for small businesses, organizations, events and occasionally (if my lucky stars are shining), fellow artists.

Above all, my foremost passion lies with plain ‘ol illustration. I enjoy traditional mediums but prefer to keep things digital. I like the endless array of colours and textures at my disposal without crowding my physical space.

Unfortunately, the “tortured artist” stereotype is something I can tend towards. There is just so much knowledge available to soak in, so much inspiration to be mused over and so much practise, practise, practise that needs to be done. I have a constant itch to learn more, do more, and above all – improve as an artist.

Anyhow, holler at me.
I’d love to hear from you.
I’m always open to interesting, random, or even odd conversation.