West Side Story the Musical 2010 – QPAC

My friend [who works for QPAC] scored a couple of free tickets to the West Side Story musical on opening night and was generous enough to string me along.

I always have the same thought every time I watch a musical.

“Whyyy don’t I go to these more often?!”

I don’t know anything about the technical aspects of acting, singing or dancing. But from the perspective of someone who loves art in all forms, it’s almost impossible not to be inspired by the incredible talent displayed in musicals like this. I mean it’s pure, vibrant, LIVE entertainment for 2.5 hours. An epic live orchestra sets the mood. The captivating storyline is acted out for you WHILE dance formations are seamlessly integrated. I’m always left wondering about the tremendous practise and rehearsal these people must endure to produce such a beautiful production.

Anyway. I just had to take a moment to gush about my experience at the theater.
I have 6 exams glaring me down for the next week.
I should probbbbably get to those instead of daydreaming about Tony (Josh Piterman)

*slaps self*.

Back to it!

on the roof of QPAC during intermission