Painting: Balance


This is my submission for the annual LHF art installation.A recurring personal lesson has involved balancing all the components of my life. Trying to be a loving wife, daughter, sister, maintaining healthy friendships, trying not to let work wear my patience to the bone, and oh yeah, trying to squeeze in time to meditate, exercise, and pursue personal goals (mostly involving art). Living in Montreal these past few weeks has freed some time to allow me to weigh life’s priorities and trial balancing them out. Some of my friends know that I even use a habit tracker app (Habit Bull) to ensure I stay accountable to those goals.

I feel truly peaceful for the first time in a long time. I’ve been in an almost trance-like state of reading, art practise, meditation, and the combination has started shifting my perspective towards matters of the heart. Why don’t I slow down and savour life more often? What’s the point of the daily grind? Where do I find my self worth and identity? Anyway. It’s a process and I’m in the thick of it all now.#idigress


Lately I’ve been obsessing over values, colour, and using as few paint strokes as possible. I am awe struck by hyper-realistic, detailed artwork but I don’t think it reflects my style and what I want to achieve.My ultimate dream would be to storytell through painting unique scenarios in as few vibrant strokes as possible. I’ve been taking micro baby strides but am excited and do think I’m headed in the right direction! on Instagram
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