Osheaga 2016 Wrap Up

https://youtu.be/0sS1Ka6lZIIDAYS 2&3 https://youtu.be/ydzd744YDNQ

This lineup was just incredible. It was our first ever multi day music festival so it was a steep learning curve for these old souls!I can’t even explain how it was being in a gargantuan blob of 100k+ people. We found the crowds to be just as fascinating as the acts and I’ve never seen so many bodies at once! Montreal has mega events down to a T and everything was surprisingly seamless and well coordinated.

M83 sounded good live, but their gushy hipster vibes turned me off. I had higher hopes for HAIM but I didn’t like their sound or personality (lots of squealy attitude). GRIMES didn’t sound great live but was ill during the performance (literally puked on stage…!) and I dig the way she thinks and carries herself. My favourite acts were Hiaitus Koyote, Cat Empire, Wolf Parade, the Wombats, and although I’m not a huge fan, Bastille was impressive live. The Chili Peppers and Radiohead obviously offered puuure magic on stage.Festivals. Are. Crazy!

We honestly felt a little past our festival ‘primes’ and this probably isn’t how I’ll enjoy music in the future. Each act was rushed and my feet got stomped 500+ times 😐. Near the end, our sooty faces and aching feet almost made me think of making ‘We survived Osheaga 2016’ tees .But!!! The entire experience was definitely one in a lifetime and it was all worth it. WooOOooWeeeEeee Osheaga, it’s been a slice!

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