Villa Maria & Carabayllo

Dr. Prophete doing a paed check up

Dr. Prophete (from Boston) doing a paed check up

Grace (from Maryland) explaining our med stock, set out at Dr. Kim’s home.

Dr. Choi and my pop doing dental work on a Villa Maria local.

What a great privilege to be here!
The past few days have been nothing short of amazing. Our daily routine involves a service and meeting in the morning, lunch and preparation of our field equipment, then the majority of the afternoon is spent on site. Providing checkups, giving haircuts, conversations about faith, providing dental work, dispensing medications to name a few!

Of course most of my thoughts are focused on our time spent with the town locals! Yesterday we were stationed in a town called Villa Maria and today we travelled to a less developed one called Carabayllo. I can’t possibly sum the experiences up in a few sentences but I’m absolutely thankful to be here. Each town seems to have a strong sense of community and I especially enjoy the simple lifestyle people seem to lead here. By ‘simple’ I don’t mean primitive or inferior, but comfortably paced. Every local that passed by our makeshift clinic seemed to have enough time (and curiosity) to investigate the strange foreigners in their neighborhood! I can’t help but to think they have more to teach me than I have to them.

I’m going to keep this entry short and non descript since I’m still exhausted from today and don’t have the energy or means to upload any photos (besides ipod shots) anyway. Although I’m excited to sift through and share some of the interesting shots I’ve gotten so far, I should save my energy for here and now!

By the way…this fruit was possibly the most delicious thing I’ve ever suckled on. It’s called ‘Guanadina’ and although the inside looks like passionfruit, it has a nectar-like sweetness I can’t quite describe. Most fruit grown in Peru is sun ripened before being sold, so you get lush, rich flavors, unlike N America (where fruit is picked raw, then left to ripen in grocery store bins.) in any case…I MUST remember this fruit!!!

One last random Peruvian piece of trivia. Most of the chicken here is fed fish meat instead of your usual grain. After some deliberation I have to say that carnivorous chicken tastes pretty deng good.