twit twats from 06-17

  • Vancouver Riots – This makes me so ashamed to say that I'm from Vancouver. Disgraceful. ->
  • I just made a cover of Eric Benet's "Spend My Life" with Rockband 4 ipad. Procrastination WIN. #music #r&b #cover ->
  • yiiikes, hon I hope you're alright <3. RT @maryjaneoh I decided the stress isn't worth it. Nope. You aren't worth it. in reply to maryjaneoh ->
  • #nextfriday I hop off a surprise flight – Destination: my favourite place on earth… #excited ->
  • Let's blow this joint!!! (@ International Terminal) ->
  • Fiji!!!!!!!!!!! (@ Nadi International Airport) ->
  • Sun, smiles, men with ukeleles(?!) all around. I can get used to Fiji. ->
  • Fiji has officially become my favorite travel destination. The people, the culture, the atmosphere — incredible. I would love to live here. ->