Sea Cave Study Sketches

Now that project daily doodle is done and digested,
I’ll fully preoccupied with getting hitched on June 7th! There’s a lot of art/design overhaul that will demand attention there.

In between now and then, I plan to produce a few paintings.
I’ve always harboured the bad habit of whipping through my work so I’ve decided to dedicate myself to a couple of well-planned out, well-executed paintings.
Luckily, I think project daily doodle exhausted my speed sketching/painting tendencies anyway!

It’ll be a challenge to balance out my usual whimsical style with the discipline of patience and persistence.
My only fear is that my style will be less apparent because I’ll be applying myself with a more methodical and steady approach to these paintings. Either way, I can only imagine this to be a constructive process that will contribute to my artistic maturity.

So any, without further ado…
my first study sketches!
My first painting will be set in/by a sea cave.


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