New Painting – Pearl *REVISED*

4 Hours photoshop. No references used

Pearl Closeup

It’s 4:30 am and I’m ready to collapse.
What was meant to be a brief sketch morphed into a full blown painting session. Clearly, it’s difficult for me to stop working on something once I’ve started :p.
Anyway, this could have developed much more if I spent more than one session on it. There are several things that still bug me about this painting:

If I had time to revise, I would probably redefine her shoulderblades, tweak the shape of her face (upon an insightful suggestion–thank you, Young!) and render some more colours.
However, I’m relatively satisfied with the results since I didn’t use any references (yes–her succulent curves are but a figment of my imagination). I also tried texturizing for the first time and am keen to try again. Her tushy looks nice with a little more grit to it, no?

Anyway, TIME FOR BED! Have a great week, everyone.