Painting in Progress

Looking back on this past November – February, I can’t recall a time where more events have been crammed into just a few months.
1 Marriage (my wonderful sister), 2 Deaths (my beloved grandmother and aunt), 1 major school acceptance (my brother-into the Canadian Forces for Dentistry) equated to a heap of emotional confusion for the entire family.
I can’t explain the overall feeling….from experiencing tears of joy (watching my sister open a new chapter of her life, celebrating my brother’s achievements) — to fighting back tears of anguish from losing what were steadfast and constant family members.
Dissecting situations is something only a rationalist like me would truly enjoy. Normally, I actually find solace in wallowing in my thoughts to try and make sense of it all. These days, I can’t even force myself to that level. There’s just something so raw about these situations that demand my quiet respect instead.
I haven’t painted anything worthwhile in months, but my mind and heart have been burning with thoughts and feelings (which normally facilitate my artful splurges).
Hopefully, I’ll be able to outlet all I’ve learned from these past months into a painting for all of you to ponder on and enjoy =).
In due time.