Trust Me – Illustration *Revised*

How nice that the semester is only just starting so I have ample free time to splash around in art!

"Trust Me"Photoshop. No references used.

"Trust Me" closeup

I find myself departing from obsessive detail (as I focused on years back). These days, I feel most at ease with focusing only on a few aspects when painting (in this case: the subject’s face) while leaving the rest to the imagination (i.e. his clothes and the background). I can’t pinpoint why I am more satisfied with working this way, but I’m positive that it has to do with my current surroundings. My selection of music, fashion and even the company I enjoy influence what I find to be attractive art! It’s bizarre, but I’m sure if/when I start gravitating towards other interests, my art will evolve yet again.

I’m so thankful to have art in all its forms (painting, writing, photography, music) to retreat to–especially when times are tough. Of course my foremost support network involves the company of those I love and trust. But for all the time I have alone, it can be unbearable to sit with my thoughts for too long. Delving in art as an alternative to over-thinking has truly been a blessing. After all, over-thinking (especially without discussing) can potentially poison and twist your thoughts to convince yourself of things that are untrue.

So why title this “Trust Me”?
Well, this painting was inspired by a horrid case of manipulation I recently experienced (and am still trying to understand). In a nutshell: I was fed several lies which I based many personal decisions upon.
First off–I take lying personally. It robs people from making fully informed and viable decisions since their logic is based on illusions. Think about it: a reality founded upon someone else’s dishonesty. What kind of twisted reality is that? I have a hard time fathoming how people can be so self-serving and lie to those who love them–just to to preserve their own asses.
So yes–back to the painting. As you can see, the subject has one hand in his pocket, and while the other is hidden (and might be assumed to be in his other pocket), he’s actually secluding something behind his back.

Anyway, I’ve learned some valuable lessons from all this hubbub:
Never date men who are severely insecure & have no communication skills. This is a combination bound for disaster because while these men have personal issues, they won’t share them with you–therefore they’ll manifest via some ugly alternative (i.e. treating you like dirt).
I understand that everyone has insecurities (so do I). But as long as open communication is involved, a couple can easily deal with those issues. But yeah, ladies–do the world a favour and prevent these insecure + poor communicating lowlifes from contributing to the gene pool. We’ll be one step closer to achieving some dignity here.

(Sorry for the negative connotation behind this painting, but if I could only sit you down and share how psychotic my recent experiences have been…)

Thankfully, I’m not jaded enough to butcher my stance on love.
I’m still very much looking forward to meeting someone strong, open-minded and [hopefully] mentally stable to share my heart with!
Onwards and upward, folks!