my inner Apple geek emerges

Recently I’ve become a beaming owner of an ipod Touch (ipoT) 4g. I’ve never owned an ipoT before (nor an iPhone) so I never bothered to research the upsides of having one.
As a huge fan of modding gadgets & homebrew (I used to manually tinker with my Gameboy Advance and DS before advanced Flash Cards were even developed), I have to say — I am kicking myself for not turning to Apple earlier.

I’m not sure if you’re iffy about jailbreaking your Apple product, but the pirate in me just couldn’t resist when the jailbreak (Limera1n) for 4.1 firmware products (like the iPoT 4g) was released this past Sunday.
Anyway, long story short–I’ve scoured the web and obtained what I consider to be a pretty impressive parade of apps (both cracked iTunes apps & homebrew). So impressive in fact, that I’ll shamelessly admit that I have been voluntarily stranding myself at home to play with them all.

Here are a couple apps I find pounce-worthy:

1) Emulators by ZodTTD.
This guy is absolutely legendary–he’s released an NES, SNES, GBA and now a PSX emulator. I’ve tested FF Tactics (one of my all time fav psx games) and it runs [more or less] like a charm. I find it pretty amazing that the device is powerful enough to support a psx emulator…anyhow, I digress.

2) DSLR Camera Remote by onOne.
An app to use the iphone/ipoT as a wireless remote to snap shots, adjust shutter speed, aperature etc. Awesome for people like me without an SLR remote.

3) Distant Suns 3
A constellations navigator which makes use of the GPS compass in the ipoT. You point the device to the sky and it will automatically show you what constellations / planets you’re looking at. Such a cool idea.

4) Fruit Ninja
A ridiculously addictive (and surprisingly challenging) game! Add me on OpenFeint (username: najinie). I’ve managed to slice my way to 590 in Classic and 301 in Zen mode. Bring it ;)?!