Mural: Studio Artisphere – East Broadway, Vancouver

IT’S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This summer, my mural will adorn the 7.5 foot high storefront of Studio Artisphere on East Broadway. This has been one of the most skill-bending projects I’ve worked on. Eighty hours and dozens of revisions later, every resultant dot, dash, and line was carefully decided upon before being vectorized. Early stages were challenging we strove to depict feminine empowerment through an image that would also employ geometry and golden ratios.

The studio owner (@artistryofangelalin) is extremely detail-oriented and meticulous. Collaborating with her stretched the boundaries of my usual style, which tends to be more whimsical and painterly. The mural evolved beyond what we originally imagined or planned and I’m happy with the results. It’ll be a surreal honour once it becomes resident to East Van!Angela’s studio specializes in beauty, tattoos, and local art. She has created a vibrant space for Vancouverites to satisfy their beauty cravings, and for local artists to showcase their work.

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