Materials Study: Still Life

Set up a still life on the couch and parked my butt at home today.

Over the next week, I’m painting different materials: glossy objects, fabric, fruit skins, etc. Transparant objects are super challenging as there are reflections, reflections of reflections, and distortions to make your head spin round and round!

So far, this Schoolism course by Robert Condo and Dice Tsutsumi has been fascinating, challenging and immensely helpful. My ultimate goal is to be able to apply all my observational knowledge towards imaginative scenarios! One thing at a time though. Gotta walk before you can run…

If I were to revisit this painting, I would’ve pushed towards an over or underexposed look to create more of a mood. Paintings where everything is evenly exposed (similar to an HDR photo) tend to look a little flat and unreal. on Instagram

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