Today’s Office & Value Studies – Black & White Bedroom Painting

Our room (and super wrinkly bed) on Rue Rene Levesque.

Painting in B&W and studying values again today. Focusing on values is mega tough!!! Hopefully this means I’m starting to learn something new.

I need to get into the habit of seeing in simple values (2-3) before focusing on details. I have to make deliberate decisions on what value range to focus on. Room has to be left for bright highlights and deep shadows so the base values shouldn’t extend as far as these. I must continue to squint, squint, squint while comparing value relationships.

It’s new for me to utilise layer clipping, the lasso, and masking tools to create crisper edges. It also helped to constantly zoom far out in order to force myself to see in simplified shapes and values. So much growing up to do here…Onwards! on Instagram
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This was my first (awful) iteration from yesterday afternoon.
Since then, I decided to scrap colours altogether and change the composition: