Paintings (3): Worship, Walk, Work

I’m happy with how these paintings turned out…! These are for LHF’s 20th Anniversary based on the theme “Worship, Walk, Work”. They’ll be auctioned off, with proceeds going towards LHF’s Refugee Sponsorship Project. Kudos to Mike for your dedication & masterful orchestration for the project!

I find a simple hike through our Pacific Northwestern landscape to offer strong reminders of Worship, Walk, and Work.Our rugged trails can be analogous to our windy, occasionally makeshift, and sometimes treacherous journeys through life. Our forests yield so many practical and life-enriching applications. Fuel for warmth, lumber for homes to musical instruments and sporting equipment. Although so much is possible – a walk through the woods reminds us that hard labour must be applied before we can benefit from life-enriching results.Our local mountain-scapes are simply humbling. They can remind us that we’re a part of an incomprehensibly huge landscape. For me – it’s a reminder of God’s humbling presence overseeing all aspects of our lives.
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