make way for petite feet?

I’ve become helplessly attentive to the fashion, and I’m always brainstorming to eventually create a lifestyle that will integrate my loves for fashion / crafting / art with attempts to generate some cha-ching. In short–discovering the sea of options out there has been pretty stifling. Would I want to design clothes? Collect garments and maybe purchase a boutique instead? The thing is…each option requires dedication and perseverance, which fortunately, I’m willing to provide. The primary issue involves actually choosing which path I want to travel along.

I stumbled upon this NY Times Fashion article and it sparked (yet another) possibility for my future: shoemaking.

Mind you, I have ridiculously tiny feet (size 4 womens–or size 5, if I stuff them with insoles). When it comes to shoe-shopping, I’m sure petite women everywhere experience the same agony as I do. Retailers seem to only offer two options for petite feet (including hundreds of online stores I’ve sifted through): (1) Dish out hundreds of thousands for an attractive designer pair, or (2) Settle for a hideous pair of ‘comfortable’ shoes.

Sure, it’s kind of novel that I can purchase some cute kids shoes and fit into them. But I’m so sick of drooling over feminine, sexy shoes–only to find that they only come in sizes that are large, and larger.
Anyway, this will be an interesting prospect to file away and ponder about.

Design and craft shoes?
Import beautiful collections of petite shoes for sale?
Why not both?