H.E.R. Fate

I’m lost, is it really even my fault?
I don’t think that it’s supposed to be hard
If it’s really meant to be
So give me a sign
Is he always gonna be mine?
Have I given it enough of my time?
You cannot blame if it don’t mean nothing

Sweet, sweet fate
I had about all that can take
You’re my living in the breath that I make
Is it yours? I wonder
Sweet, sweet fate
Oh if it’s really out of my hands
(If it’s really out of my hands)
Can you forgive all of my sins?
(Can you forgive all of my sins?)
Have mercy on me, me

Why me?
If you walked a mile using my feet
You would go a little easy on me
You know where I’m coming from, yeah
How come, when I’m lookin’ at everyone
They get away with havin’ little fun?
I’m paying these dues…