gOMA “Valentino, Retrospective” exhibition

Angela outside the "Valentino Retrospective" exhibit at gOMA.

If you’re a fashion or even just an art enthusiast stopping through Brisbane, you must visit the Valentino exhibition at gOMA (http://bit.ly/bESqzV). A selection of his first haute couture work (from 1959) is on display spanning all the way to his final work in summer/spring 2008.

In all honesty–as much as I appreciate and enjoy fashion, I haven’t been a die-hard follower of any particular designer. Although I had obviously heard Valentino Garavani’s name, you might say I went to this exhibition with an unbiased opinion since I had never done any extensive Valentino stalking before.

The sheer creativity and quality were the main things that blew me away.
Firstly, every peice was unique–down to every embellishment and stitch. Each garment had a distinct style and direction and although some were more ‘fashion-forward’ than others, each was created with deliberate intent. Each peice was so original that I’m certain only someone with active inspiration and imagination could’ve produced such garments.
Second–the quality! If you could’ve seen the incredible detail incorporated into each peice, you would’ve been amazed too. Although some of garments were so intricate that ‘fragile’ is an adjective that would normally spring to mind–there was nothing fragile about them! Somehow, even peices with several sheer layers were stylishly secured.

Overall–I completely understand how this man’s work became coveted amongst women seeking to express elegance and artistry. The man produced nothing short of the best.