First Steps Canada – Graphic Design

Graphic design for First Steps — a great organization that provides microencapsulated nutrients to prevent anemia and malnutirition in North Korea.

In DPR Korea, malnutrition threatens the survival and growth of children during their most crucial period of development.
According to the most recent nutrition assessment carried out by the government, UNICEF and WFP in 2002, the prevalence of wasting and stunting in children under 7 years of age is 9% and 42%, respectively.

International research has shown that retarded growth and development in the first five years cannot be later regained or compensated for.

Sprinkles are being distributed through government public healthcare clinics to pregnant women and babies aged 6-to-24 months. Sprinkles prevent anemia, a type of malnutrition, as well as rickets and other diseases. In co-operation with North Korea’s Institute of Child Nutrition, First Steps completed a two-year effectiveness/efficacy study of Sprinkles. Based on the excellent results, the Institute of Child Nutrition is eager to adopt Sprinkles as a national program.

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