Dance, Dance, Dance – Album Sampler

…So one of our regular patients is named Don: a widowed elderly man who composed a full-length album and dedicated it to his wife before she passed away a few years ago.

I was so touched by his stories about how he found creative ways to assist her with in her later days. He was always perceptive to her and never grumbled about accommodating her dietary and mobility needs.
Needless to say, Don misses his wife Greta terribly.

After listening to his album, I couldn’t help but to be even more touched by the love and persistence the album is comprised of. I’ve clipped songs from his album and posted up a YouTube video for him. I know he would be excited and proud if it accumulated some views.

If would mean a lot if you took a moment of your time to listen to a snippet.
We’re fortunate to see Don’s smiling face regularly. His labour of love is inspiring to our team!
Thanks for your support, everyone!