daily doodle #33

Universe Inflation.

Excited to be collaborating with the ever talented band Banana Nightmare to develop an illustrated music video for one of their songs (to be announced later on). We’rel deliberating on the number of illustrations that will be required – for the moment, it looks like I’ll have to create just shy of 80!

I started on illustration numero uno today (which still needs a considerable amount of development).
I’ll probably be working on this for the next few daily doodles.


One thing I can already tell I’ll enjoy about this series is how much creative freedom I’ll be granted.
The illustrations will be based on several  theories regarding the development of the universe and since no living being has actually accounted for what many of those stages might’ve actually looked like, I’ll be able to make my own whacky interpretations based on the knowledge that’s out there.
Exciting times!