Daily Doodle #112 – Pictoffect: Lithium

….So much for following my plan to maintain the same drawing style as my original post for phenytoin.
We’ll see how the next few pictoffects shape up and I’ll keep consistent once I get a feel for what style I’m most comfortable/efficient at drawing.
At this point, phenytoin is irritating me a lot more than this guy, so that may be an early indication of what direction these are going.

Anyway, this poor guy’s gotta pee.
Meet Mr. Lithium

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Featuring the following
Side Effects

Psoriasis (scales)
Alopecia (hair thinning)
Polyuria (urine)
Polydipsia (thirsty – empty glass)
Hypothyroidism (small “t” collar)
Hyperkalemia (bananas)
Hypercalcemia (bones)

Other Side Effects (not depicted)


What Is This?

This is part of my Pictoffect Series (drug side effects illustrated through creatures).
All side effects are referenced from Rx Files 9th Edition.