Daily Doodle #107

I think she’s slowly starting to look better than before.

So something strange happened as I was polishing off this painting session.
I had the “Textures” station on Iceberg Radio playing in the background when I decided to name her on a whim.
Aria was the first name that sprung to mind, and for no particular reason. I’ve never met anyone with this name and I can’t remember a time this name was ever significant to me. In fact, part of me felt a little odd for choosing such an obscure name so I decided to Google it, for sake of figuring out the meaning behind it.
“Lion” in Hebrew, or “Air” in Italian.
“Yeahhhh…I have no idea whether this applies to this girl, but meh,
” I thought as I closed Photoshop.
As I was about to close my browser window (which had Iceberg Radio playing), I glanced over at the title of the song that was just wrapping up and gawked.

“Farewell”, by Paul Schwartz featuring Rebecca Luker
from the album Aria!

What the deuce!
I’m convinced this ingeniously composed song manipulated me into naming this girl Aria.
That, or I honestly have no idea how on earth I coincidentally named her this.

A small part of me feels like I was meant to paint her.
I know it’s completely irrational (and hippy-like) to think, but it instills some optimism that what I’m doing here with these daily doodles isn’t completely worthless.
Thanks, Aria.
(or Paul Schwartz).

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