Changes: Timelapse Painting

I’ve been reflecting on this topic a lot lately, especially as Vancouver’s leaves have been turning beautiful colours with Autumn…!
As we all know, changes are inevitable. These kind of changes make us feel helpless and out-of-control. Although these are hard to swallow, it’s usually best to acknowledge the difficulty of these changes, then adapt and roll with them.
However, there are changes you can spur on, which is empowering…! For me, these have recently involved toxic relationships. I’m a naturally accommodating person and tend to agree just to please others. It has always been hard for me to say “no” because I often see the good in people, give them the benefit of the doubt, and avoid conflict like the plague. Although it’s easier for me to say “yes” than to engage in immediate conflict, this has led me down some dark paths of anxiety, being manipulated, and being taken advantage of.
Although it has been difficult and awkward, it has overall been freeing to practise setting healthy boundaries with others. It’s a change that has been longgg overdue in my life and so far, it’s one of most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my adult life.
It took me years to muster up the courage to start practising this. But if a huge wimp like me can do it, I believe anyone who grapples with boundaries can too!
Model and lightening reference was from pinterest (someone notify me know if you stumble on the original photographer!). Timelapse video will be up soon.