blow, wind!

I can’t believe I’m nearing the final stages of my Pharmacy degree! The past 3 years have gone by in a literal flash and now it’s time for me to project thoughts into the future.

During my studies, I was [and have been] fixated on going home. I was convinced the only path for me was to fly straight back to Vancouver ASAP after graduation. After all, my childhood memories, family & friends reside there. Why wouldn’t I simply scurry home?

As my time dwindles down here, I’ve started spawning some new thoughts. Why do I have to go back right after I grad? Is there a particular relationship that would suffer if I didn’t return? Is there some lucrative career opportunity that would pass me by if I didn’t return straight away?
The simple answer is nay. Besides my immediate family, I have nothing tying me down to Vancouver. Although I love the city to my core, there is nothing stopping me from continuing to explore the world before I settle. I do not have marriage (or even a serious relationship) or a fixed job tying me down yet. Deciding to spend more time in Australia will not negatively impact anyone. Instead, the time can be spent cultivating and growing my world view through exploration!

The more I think about it, the more I convince myself to take advantage of the fact that I am young, single, and have the resources to live life whimsically. It’s pretty liberating to realise that life isn’t confined to my tentative plans. I’m free to blow in the direction the wind is–how exciting is that?!

So I suppose the next big question is where to live?
I’ll most definitely book it out of Brisbane but where to? Sydney? Melbourne? Cairns?

*****The Rosebuds – Border Guards