back to childhood.

It’s a tad ironic when adults ask kids, “what do you want to be when you grow up”?–then respond with fake encouragement and chuckles at how unrealistic they are. “A doctor! An astronaut! An artist!”
What makes these things so laughable to us cynical adults?
“Kids are so naive, they don’t know how difficult it actually is to achieve these things”. “That profession can’t support a family”. We’re so full of rebuttals to these dreams because over the course of our lives we’ve seen people give up, change their minds and act out what we consider to be ‘failure’.
…What happens when you realise that anything is achievable? And I do mean anything. This thought has started to resound as I’ve been journeying through my twenties. When I observe those around me (in the same demographic), I’ve noticed they are having similar epiphanies:
If you can muster passion (at least enough to yeild unwavering persistance) towards something, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve what you want. I’ve come to realise that it’s never a matter of “if” you can achieve something, it’s “how”. Even overcoming the “how” is completely doable, so long as you’re perceptive to the multitude of opportunities out there.
I’m beginning to wonder if being in your twenties is similar to childhood. Now that I realise that anything I persist towards can become reality, my answers to “What do you want to do in life?” are fuelled by passion reminiscent of childhood.
Obviously those who are naturally passionate, resourceful and focused will reach these conclusions earlier than others. But I’m convinced the same reality holds true for everyone, and the real hurdle is getting people to realise that their potential is unlimited *aaand the clouds part*.
Anyhoo, time to promote someone who has inspired me in recent times!
Meet the gorgeous and talented Jenny “Koko” Kim. She’s taken the modelling/acting world by storm and also posts popular beauty How-To’s on YouTube. It has been so amazing to watch her portfolio (literally) explode within the past year, and it’s all due to her unwavering dreaming + persistance.