appalling community site designs from the skeletons of my past

Does any one remember Asian Avenue? Apt107? xKube? Vancouverxchange?

I totally rode the wave of community websites in the early 2000’s and I have a plethora of horrible user names and tacky layouts to show for it.
I remember spending HOURS on end creating/coding layouts for these websites and even longer time filling each one up with crappy content about my adolescent existence.

Thank God my skills got progressively “better” as I made dozens of them. But for your amusement, watch as they get worse and worse as you scroll back into time through a selection of the oldest (and tackiest) eye-sores that I came up with as a tween:

I had entire flash animations created to go with this one. *face palm*:

The following is my shameful collection of “side scrolling” layouts.
Each one of would’ve taken hours to design.

Each one of the following layouts had “text boxes” placed over the blank square areas you see on the graphic (usually filled with angsty teen rambles):

For your comical enjoyment, I’ll disclose with you that my AA name was kp-ninja (kp standing for “korean pride” — I know. I know.) & my apt107 alias was “kp-playette”.
Truly embarrassing.

All in all, the wasted days of my youth are reduced to a laughable visual mess.
At least I can take pride in the fact that I will never again, not on my death bed, not upon the dying wishes of my most beloved people create such heinous designs ever again.