reality hits.

“Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back to soften and purify the heart.”
Washington Irving
(I sure hope you’re right, Mister Irving.)

In romantic films, people are usually rewarded for compromising, being honest and changing their ways. The protagonist always has a huge epiphany that cutting ties with his lover would be the worst decision of his life and dramatically takes her back, despite whatever petty dispute they had. (Unless we’re talking about a Korean drama here–in which case everyone dies of terminal illnesses. Let’s assume the Western context here…)

The real life scenario: regardless of whether true attempts are made–people will stomp you out anyway. Pride, misunderstanding, deceit, realising that there are ‘more fish in the sea’ are a fewwwww things that can curdle the milk.

I have honestly done everything I can (while maintaining a morsel of dignity). I’ve reflected, apologized, forgiven, listened, reasoned, persisted, compromised, and ultimately tried to reconcile and move forward.
You might be thinking “well you haven’t tried EVERYTHING, since you’ve already given up!” The thing is…there is only so much rejection that someone can handle. You’d think after that much genuine input, I’d gain some reciprocation, eh?
Apparently not.

I’ve come to the [painful] realisation that someone who ignores your genuine attempts is ultimately telling you that they don’t think you’re worth it. Then the issue isn’t what the petty argument was based on, but whether the person truly cares about you or not.
When you realise the answer is, “No. I don’t care about you enough to acknowledge your attempts”–that is when the raw pain can be felt and dealt with.
We all know that when you truly care about someone, you forgive and move forward together. I can’t force anyone to feel that way.

So another chapter flips to an end.
Damn movies and their false representations of reality.