cold soba on a hot rainy day.

Top: beads of rain on my screen & the view from my desk.
Bottom: mum-inspired crab and cucumber cha soba.

Due to the deadly combo of midterms and assigments, my daily life has been literally confined to my house (more specifically my desk, but ‘house’ sounds less pathetic).

As painstaking as it’s been, I’ve been able to dedicate some time to domestication, which I must say has its perks. One of these ‘perks’ (which may actually just be code for ‘procrastination’) has been cooking.

Brisbane is humid most of the year, so I’ve found great comfort in exploring cold dishes. One that came to mind today was my mum’s champion Korean-style soba. Back in Vancouver, she’d always whip some up on a sweltering afternoon–and bless her for it! A cold noodle dish on a hot day has to be the equivalent of a cozy cuppa joe away from a frigid one. Comforting.

Soba is type of Japanese noodle (made from buckwheat). There are tons of different varieties, and the one I used here is flavored with a hint of green tea (cha).

There are tons of recipes you can search for online, so I won’t bother posting up proportions on here. The reason I consider this dish more Korean-style is because along with the typical ingredients of rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and sugar, I tossed in some chilli powder (what’s a Korean dish without a spicy kick?), a small amount of sesame oil (typical of many Korean dishes) and served it with a side of kimchi. I also deviated from the traditionally plain Japanese soba by mixing in some crab meat and sesame seeds.

Anyway, just wanted to share the idea of Soba in case someone wanted an alternative to jumping in the pool to beat the heat.

In the meantime…wish me luck–it’s crunch time (at school)!