on Love.

fall with me (9 hrs photoshop). more: http://www.najin.ca

We live our lives terrified of revealing ourselves. Often, it’s because we were vulnerable and hurt by previous experiences. Heck, even if we weren’t hurt before…thoughts of rejection and being taken advantage of drag on and affect our relationships. After all, being cautious is the “smarter” thing to do, right? Protect yourself emotionally to prevent yourself from looking like a love-sick fool.

I, for one, definitely lived like this. Constantly weighing out “pros and cons”, I resisted showing myself too much or too soon, in order preserve some ‘dignity’. So I’d end up analysing and looking at relationships objectively; NO exceptions. That way, I would always be above and beyond the emotions and thus the pain I knew it could yeild. So this was life…I always put myself in situations that I could handle and control.

But is that any way to LIVE?

Granted, if you open yourself up, you can get hurt; it’s gruelling. But despite the painful lows, can’t you just imagine the intense and amazing highs that are waiting to be experienced? Let me ask you this…would you rather continue living robotically, scared of sharing love because you’re scared of getting hurt…or would you rather live and truly FEEL, the way we’re innately wired to do anyway?

The way I see it…the more time I waste wondering and worrying, the less time I have to share an amazing gift with those I care about. The most amazing love I’ve ever recieved is the kind that gives and doesn’t expect anything in return. How could I possibly explore this kind of ‘unconditional love’ if I’m too scared to show any in the first place?

It’s ironic when you think about it…say you fall in love for the first time and you get hurt. *Ouch!* So you condition yourself to protect your heart because it’s the more ‘logical’ thing to do. But if you REALLY think about it, realize what you’re missing out on when you sheild yourself that way! If you don’t open yourself up, how can you possibly allow yourself to experience delirious, heart pumping, unconditional LOVE?

Scary? Hell Yes. Will it hurt? Probably.
But for the sake of allowing yourself to truly be human, take the plunge.

: ) It’s so worth it.