Canucks 2011 NHL Playoffs – Top Design

Our boys are in the playoffs [wooooo!] and being overseas, I’m void of easy access to all the bandwagon goodies.
….so I thought the next best thing would be to make my own.

I intentionally kept the designs generic (resembling jerseys) since I’ll more likely feel like wearing these again someday. Plus…I secretly want to attract other Canadian supporters while I’m out and about (hehe!).

Instead of using baby doll tees, we bought a long sleeve for the black skate-logo top and a v-neck tunic for the Johnny Canuck top.

You’ll notice that stripes are missing.
Three on each top, to be exact.
That was courtesy of the cursed inkjet that decided to demolish several sheets of decal paper. *shakes fist*.

You might also notice that the “3” on the back of the Beiksa top is mangled.
That was courtesy of my poor, poor ironing skills. *hangs head*.

several hours of hair pulling, printer malfunctions and iron breakdowns later…