It’s an extremely uncomfortable feeling when your honesty is met by anger and disbelief. It seems I make the same “mistake” time and time again. It makes me wonder…

When is it a better idea to refrain from telling the truth? I’d like to think that I have sound discretion when I spill my beans. I obviously wouldn’t tell a friend who’s clearly going through stress that he looks awful (even if he did). But how about the gray areas–where you might hurt someone by telling them the truth, but you know that it would be harsher if they found out by some other [perhaps accidental] source? Should you tell the truth anyway?

Normally, my answer would be yes: tell the truth at all costs, especially if your best interests are focused on the grander scheme. However, lately I’ve faced some strange consequences by being honest. Directly and indirectly, I’ve been met with attitudes which brand me as naive and inconsiderate for being honest. “What they don’t know can’t hurt them” is the main rebuttal I’ve faced.

Ultimately, I think it’s best if I ignore the ridicule I’ve faced and stay true to my character. I don’t expect everyone to carry themselves in the same manner as I have. However, I know that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate myself if I pranced around, creating ignorant and temporary happiness amongst people. At the end of the day, while “ignorance is bliss”, I know that ignorance cripples you from the ability to make true choices–why would I want to encourage that kind of false reality?