Painting Plans: San Juan Islands

I have the wonderful opportunity to paint a landscape for a friend who has endearing family memories exploring  the San Juan Islands in Washington.

The painting will be 24×72″. I already have the canvas custom cut, with a smattering of acrylic paint and brushes waiting to be used.

In these early stages, I’m focusing on the layout and working on the values of the painting before I consider colours and details. The painting will be in 1 point perspective, with the light source being concentrated in the distance, and softening/fading in the foreground.

My friend would like the painting to be simple, on the realistic side, with a whimsical touch. Her partner prefers a more realistic painting style. They are both hoping for a bluescale colour scheme with touches of peachy pink.

This entire project will be a great challenge for me since I normally tend towards an impressionistic, whimsical style.


  1. Distant islands will appear lighter and more faded due to atmosphere.
  2. Everything is a gradient. Background to foreground will be light to dark, and the sky will also contain its own gradient according to the positioning of the sun.

Newer plans are here