An Open Letter to my 20-Year-Old Self

Dear Twenty-something Najin,

You may surprised or even bored to know that I garden, read the fine print on every product in our house, and can ask for sparkling water without sounding stupid. Eating healthy is a triumph, not a chore. Spending time alone is restful, not lonely.

Well, twenty-something Najin…I won’t miss how obsessed you were on the opinions of others. You were still ‘finding yourself’, experimenting with anything & everything (maybe I should thank you for that…we may dodge an embarrassing midlife crisis of hard partying and leopard print). Yes, you were well intended. But you spent too much time chasing trends. You were frivolous, distracted, and insecure to a fault. Oh, and I won’t miss your laughable student budget either.It’s been a slice, but I sincerely hope 30 is not the new 20.

Tough Love,
Thirty-something Najin on Instagram