Impatience & a New Project (yay!)

I have a compulsive habit of posting paintings long before they are ready to greet the world. I’m admittedly very impatient and usually only allow one sitting before I decide to seal the deal. Sadly enough, tonight has been another one of ‘those nights’.

This is a character I secretly (shhh) scribbled during class. Then, she was scanned and painted at home — all in a day’s work.
My inner circle peeps will have already heard about the hefty project I’m firing up which has already become very dear to me. This particular character will play an increasingly important role in my weeks, months and (dare I say it?) years to come:

…Since she’ll have a grand impact on things, I suppose she deserves more refining time.
Fine, fine.

More patiently illustrated artwork and details on said mystery project to come.
Patience is a virtue!